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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Your Profit Ecosystem Beats the Odds of Success, Not Your Discipline

Today, we’re looking at a mental shift in the choices you make that will fast track you to greater trading profits GUARANTEED

If you get to the end and CHOOSE to make the shift, your trading profits WILL increase

If not, the won't

It really is as simple as that

I accept fully that the guarantee is a BIG CLAIM to make… but it’s not a claim made without evidence

This EXACT MENTAL SHIFT creates profitable traders in just 30-days, from a standing start

This is also this VERY SAME SHIFT that allowed my wife and I to complete a 7-day juice reset

The evidence for what I am sharing with you below is overwhelming so let’s jump in…

The mental shift is this:


Look at any trading course and you’ll find whole chapters/modules dedicated to trader mindset, trader discipline, robust planning, diligent daily routines and the need to create zen-like defences against fear and greed... ...all of which is notoriously difficult to attain as demonstrated by the reality that 95% of traders lose all of their money in the markets when not trading the Legacy Makers way (more on that at the MAD Millionaire Method Beginners Class)

For most traders, attaining the levels of discipline required by most “systems" is the hardest thing to do

Not a single chapter in any course that I've ever researched talks about the power of creating a PROFIT ECOSYSTEM to remove the need for this unattainable, unprofitable and un-enjoyable zen-like discipline when trading

And when you remove the need for discipline, you introduce the potential for FAR BIGGER PROFITS because just like oil and water, discipline + human’s DO NOT MIX well!!!

THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING RECKLESS and letting go of discipline without anything to fill the gap This is about understanding EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE and then creating a NO FAIL PROFIT ECOSYSTEM around yourself that makes up for your own (and my) human fallibility

Changing the ecosystem within which you operate is a far more efficient route to profits simply because it’s much FASTER than trying to change the aspects of your personality that are hard-wired in to your consciousness

These are the aspect related specifically to fear, greed, lifestyle and money, that may have been conditioned in to you since the time you were first making assumptions about the world around you (up to the age of 7)

For so many, the need for extreme discipline means that trading is not fun but turns in to a chore

And worse, without the right profit ecosystem around you, trading can become a chore that makes you poor instead of a fun, low-stress activity that makes you in the process; this is exactly the design-brief of the MAD Millionaire Method

The brief I set from the outset was to create a fun, low-intensity, low-stress and high-profit approach to the market that would allow Legacy Makers to create 10,000 MAD Millionaires, with a level of predictability that we simply did not have teaching conventional trading strategies

The full MAD Millionaire Method is covered on our Beginners Class, which you can access immediately, right here

Unless you’ve completed the Beginners Class, you may never have even thought about your Profit Ecosystem because it is a generally unknown perspective in the retail/day trading environment on how to trade profitably

Most day traders hustle and grind their way through the day in a cloud of cortisol and adrenaline which is hardly the

Traders who understand the need for a Profit Ecosystem understand that human beings are fallible and discipline is not our strong point; especially with money decisions

It’s truly an enormous task to keep the influences of fear and greed at bay when trading because it’s fundamentally UNNATURAL We are wired to act on fear and greed to keep us safe from roaring lions; which is why focussing SOLELY on DISCIPLINE and not ECOSYSTEM results in a success rate of just 5% On the contrary, we have flipped the odds with the MAD Millionaire Method with a 96.3% win rate (105 winners from 109 positions through the trading year 2018/19)

Ignorance of the Profit Ecosystem keeps most new traders wrongly focussed on the complex elements they have to get right BEFORE taking profit rather than removing the need to do what does not come naturally (DISCIPLINE DOES NOT COME NATURALLY!!!)

It’s no secret that maintaining supercharged, zen-like control over life in the way that we are being conditioned to means that it’s easy to be “spent out” on discipline before the day has even started

Since my wife and I can’t manage to juice AT HOME for more than a couple of days, we chose for Jason and Kate Vale to create a NO FAIL environment at the ECOSYSTEM that have created at Juicy Oasis

So the need for a profit ecosystem to create a no-fail environment is very real

When we first launched the daily trading system back in 2013, it only required 1-hour per day at 10pm; once the New York Market had closed and before Asia opened. Returns were approximately 1%-2% per week Sounds easy enough right?

In reality, we found that most students simply could not manage this for more than a few weeks without “life getting in the way” in a similar fashion to the way that New Year's resolutions starts out with the best intentions but collapse under the pressure of "life" shortly after January 1st

Our ABSOLUTE SUCCESS at Legacy Makers is measured against our goal to create 10,000 MAD Millionaires and my personal goal to create an infrastructure that will re-distribute £1bn in capital to UN Sustainable Development Related Causes This meant I had NO CHOICE to create a NO FAIL environment for our students and traders; which meant going back to the drawing board to create the MAD Millionaire Method


Here’s what how to avoid being sucked in by systems that need you to be super disciplined...

First: make sure that the PROCESS you are setting out to follow is one that you can easily fit in to your CURRENT schedule with only MINOR ADJUSTMENTS

Second: find a PEER GROUP whom you can be supported by and whom you can support; this is important so that you are able to tap in to the dual spiritual needs of GROWING and GIVING Third; be absolutely certain that the PARADIGMS established by the leaders and that drive the peer group are those which connect with your deepest values. This is critical because it’s values that ultimately DRIVE CONSISTENT LONG TERM ACTION


To sum up, your PROFIT ECOSYSTEM must be comprised of:

PROCESSES that have been proven to work

PEER GROUP that supports your success

PARADIGMS that catalyse action

That’s the daily super-juice you need to help you make up for our naturally undisciplined state

The risk of NOT creating a Profit Ecosystem goes beyond just having less money in your pocket Not having this in place, is one of the fundamental reasons that so many people across the developed world are miserable, low on self-worth and high on self-loathing in ALL areas of life;

> They follow processes that have not been proven to work but which are sold well on television shopping channels, or the like, offering results that are wildly exaggerated when compared to what’s really possible

> They are surrounded by a peer group that is either indifferent to their success, hiders rather than helps or worst case, actually sabotages their success .. or as you could now call them, the “go on.. one won’t kill you” crowd

> They ignore the paradigms and try to use limited stores of human will power to power their way through the race towards the finish line; which they rarely get to because will power is in short supply

Since going back to the drawing board, with the MAD Millionaire Method we got it SO right:

> We have a PROCESS that is proven to work and is demonstrated as working from the outset of every students’ journey at the very first Beginners Class during which all attendees receive an up-to-date statement of my personal trading activity

> We have created a PEER GROUP that is hand-on-heart the most supportive, loving and action-taking trading community on the planet. I have a natural bias, of course but when you plug in, you’ll see for yourself just how cocooned you feel!

> We have a PARADIGM that permeates our entire culture at Legacy Makers and is rooted in creating re-distributable wealth that can be used to address the biggest challenges currently facing people, planet, flora and fauna. It drives relentless action from all students

Together these three elements, that are built in to the MAD Millionaire Methodology by design, mean that our students never need to rely on any level of disciple to generate the naturally occurring results:

> Trading year 2018/19 closed at 23.3% capital growth and beat the best performing publicly accessible fund in the world

> This growth came through only 109 trades over the year which is a little over 2 trades per week, that take just 1-hour to place

> Of those 109 trades, 105 were winners; generating a consistent win rate of 96.6% which is a huge motivator for students learning the Method

Ecosystems are easy to create and elevate you to success

Discipline is hard to attain and the process of continually failing destroys self-worth

Every disciplined choice that we fail to make compounds the feelings of guilt with feelings of inadequacy

When it comes to creating wealth, the odds of success are stacked against your current levels of discipline as proven by debt levels across the world

So you have a choice to make;

Either wait until you’ve found the illusive levels of discipline to begin creating wealth (proven NOT to work)

Or beat the odds of success by finding and plugging in to an ecosystem that is designed solely around your success (proven to work EVERY TIME)

The choice is your’s

Truth be told, it has always been your’s but perhaps nobody shone a light on the reality that ecosystem trumps discipline every time

If you’re ready to leverage the power of ecosystem and throw to the wind a need to become zen-like in your approach to trading, I very much kook forward to seeing you on the Beginners Class

But you’ll only find you way there once you’ve made a new choice to embrace this mental shift and registered by clicking the link below of course:

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