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  • Dillon Dhanecha

What My First Mentor Taught Me

I LOVE Barcelona in May and it’s become “our thing” as we celebrate a BIG month for us…

May is the month we got married

May is the month I came in to the world

May is the month that my first mentor died

AND perhaps MOST importantly for our ultimate legacy on this planet, it is the month that I took the very first profit using the MAD Millionaire Method

You might understand then why I tend to see my year not in the conventional “calendar year” or “tax year” sense but in a more "personal year” sense; beginning and ending in May

Today is the 22nd; so my heart is doing somersaults as it's the day that my first and most influential mentor died at just 42 years old. I was fortunate enough to shadow him for a full year in Portugal 2008-2009

One of the most powerful pieces of advice I got during this mentorship was

“Make a plan and just do it. You’ll make it work because you WANT to make it work. And if you don’t, make another plan and just do it again. Throughout, always be sure to do the right thing by your customers AND suppliers so that you can walk with your head held high"

These words stuck

That’s exactly the approach I took when deciding that it was time to bring my trading skills out to the world back in 2011/12; if you’ve been part of that journey, you’ll know it hasn’t been plain sailing

I’ve been trading on and off since the late 1990’s and was bestowed the honour of a front page feature in the Money Section of the Independent on Sunday

Trading is in my blood but a ton of inner work has been necessary particularly relating to my fears around “imposter syndrome” (am I really GOOD ENOUGH to teach this?) and “time-share salesman” (do we really HAVE TO sell in this way?)

The sole reason I stopped selling the highly profitable Fast Track Forex trading course in 2015 was because I didn’t feel we were “doing right” by our customers

You’d be right to ask why I’d carried on selling something that "didn’t work" for 22 months (May 2013-March 2015)

The answer is simple; the strategy worked. BUT only for the FEW who had the time and desire to MAKE IT WORK

It’s a bit like being a Personal Trainer and KNOWING that a 100 calorie daily-deficit WILL get your client in the best shape of their lives quicker than anything they’ve ever tried; it’s not a big ask but how many people would stick to it long enough to see results? Only the people who really want it and can plug in to the idea of playing the long-game (staying up until 11pm to earn 1% per week on £100 is not sexy, I get it)

Or like being a Property Trainer and KNOWING that diligently following your system day in day out WILL help build a portfolio that keeps paying out; again, not a big ask for the life-changing outcome but how many people would stick to it long enough to see results? Only the people who really want it and are able to play the win-some-lose-some game without it impacting their self-worth (taking losses is HARD, I get it)

Maybe its even a bit like being a parent and doing EVERYTHING you can to lead by example, share values, dedicate time/energy to the pursuit of raising children; only to realise that your influence on their long term actions is severely limited and dependent wholly on whether they accept your values as their own

Now… at that time 2013-2015, in all my mastermind groups, all I kept hearing was “as long as your system works, you shouldn’t feel bad if people don’t make it work”

BUT that was never good enough for me for two reasons

First, its important to be able to look my dad and my wife in the eyes when doing our weekly accounts; I needed to be able to say that the revenues we were collecting were in exchange for results delivered, not hopes/dreams shattered

Across all 4 businesses, we see every penny and pound in our bank accounts as the hopes and dreams of those who gave it to us. People don’t pay us for nothing. They pay us in the hope that we will help them realise a dream

You could say, it’s the buyers responsibility to extract results from the membership; kind of like you’d never stop selling gym memberships because 70% never show up

But secondly, I wanted to be different. Not judging myself as better. Just different.

I wanted 95% of our students to succeed and took that responsibility VERY seriously

Seriously enough to cut off a £100k/month revenue stream so that I could go back to the drawing board and design something that would work for 95% of “traders” no matter how much time/ capital or experience they had

Time was always the biggest issue with the first system I launched; it required an hour, sometimes two, every day, at 10pm GMT when the NY market closed

In principle, this sounds SUPER... Put the family to bed... Pour a glass of red... Make some money on the markets...

In practice, this was just too much for most people; especially for 1% per week on a small starting account of £100

£1 per week for up to 10 hours is just not sexy enough when you have others promising the world in just 37-seconds. People don’t always believe the TRUTH unless it’s the truth that they want to believe You KNOW this yourself if you’ve ever bought a course knowing deep down that the video testimonials and results “screenshots” are too good to be true (that’s why I log in to a real money trading account at our Beginners Class to show EVERY trade taken since the account was opened)

So, after a period of “never teaching trading again” I worked with a spirit guide and concluded that trading and teaching are the two things that I am really quite good at

More importantly, they are the ONLY things I can do that will help me build a global movement of socially minded millionaires who can join me in the mission to redistribute £1bn in capital to UN-Sustabiable Development Causes

I went back to the drawing board to design something that would overcome the biggest challenges for beginner traders:

First: How could I design a Method that would take 1-hour PER WEEK instead of per day?
Second: How could I design a Method that had an inherently higher “Probability of Profit”?
Third: How could I design a Method that was immediately profitable for all students to cut learn-to-earn time?

It took a while but the new method was born and we now something that I am really quite excited about taking out to the world in a massive way (here’s where it gets sexy for YOU!)

The Method is traded in just 1-hour on a Monday and collects profits on Friday with no further intervention needed

The Method is fundamentally designed around the principle of high Probability of Profit so students can benefit from BOTH the PROFITS and the PSYCHOLOGY of more winning trades than not

The Method is super quick to teach and takes BRAND NEW students from learning to earning in less than 30 days

Last Friday, this new Method, appropriately named the MAD Millionaire Method, closed it’s trading year to deliver 23.3% tax free capital growth since I took the very first profit back in May 2018 in a brand new trading account SPECIFICALLY opened to share EVERY TRADE with you (Imposter Syndrome can do one. This is POWERFUL and PROVEN!)

Most importantly for you, I share the strategy IN FULL, with nothing left out at our online Beginners Class AND should you wish to continue to the tactical training have a 12-month Mentorship program that costs significantly less than the 5-figure sums that have become the “norm” in our world

You DO need THREE things:

1-hour per week (we have an automated tool which reduces this to 15 minutes on completion of your apprenticeship period)

£2000 starting capital (or the patience to learn how to generate 20% per year tax free with Monopoly money whilst you gather you capital)

Something about you that says “THIS is my key to leaving a financial AND social impact legacy"

If you can tick the box on those, I’d LOVE to see you at the next MAD Millionaire Method Beginners class to show you exactly how we just closed the trading year at 23.3% tax free growth and only 4 losing trades in the whole year

Head over to our page and hit Learn More to save your free spot, or drop me a message (below or PM) and I'll send you the link personally..

If you're looking for something powerful and proven to help you make money on the markets, this is it.

Save your spot at the Mad Millionaire Method Beginners Class now and make the decision to upgrade your financial wellbeing for free Sending VAST LOVE 🙏❤️✌️❤️🙏 p.s. the link to register your spot at the next free Beginners Class is

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