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  • Dillon Dhanecha

We See What We Want

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone that you know to be true, but they just don’t get it? 

Even more frustrating when you care about them deeply and know that “if they just tried it, they’d love it”, right?

You may know that my lifetime’s work is devoted to responsible wealth creation and the economics of "charity” which are subjects that come up often in conversations these days

With a foot-in-all-camps, my combined spiritual, economic and volunteering experience across developed and developing economies has highlighted one thing that so many people fail to see:

There is an URGENT NEED to help responsible citizens in the developed economies create MORE MONEY so that this tiny minority of people can play a more active role in lifting less fortunate global citizens out of poverty by investing trading profits in to sustainable development causes (but that part is for another email!) In the main, the people who I care deeply about but don’t “see” this reality are people in the personal development world who are struggling to make their personal economy (money!) work

Despite doing all the inner work, their attempts to make more money fall prey to failure that is often rooted in a deeply held belief that capitalism/trading/traders/the economy/the government/the wealthy are somehow inherently bad and should be REJECTED

The view held by the most impactful people on the planet is not to reject these failing infrastructures but to REINVIGORATE them with a new, socially-minded, collaborative and spiritual energy


They “see” so much of the other world but perhaps don’t see enough of the world that needs their help on a much more practical level than SOLELY spiritual exploration can give

> > What use is a MEDITATION practice, if you are constantly thrown out of your flow by everyday stresses related to the plight of people/planet/flora/fauna OR by your own financial pain

> > What use is a connection to Source, if you can’t then do the work that the Universe requires of you as part of the solution to Humanity's biggest challenges

> > What use is a mindset tuned to Abundance if you fail to see how so many of the world’s population can’t even put food on their table?

None of this makes sense to me, nor to you I hope, if you’ve been following my work for any length of time

I can’t help thinking that these HUGE HEARTS are going to waste when they could be put to the DEEPEST SPIRITUAL WORK of addressing the biggest challenges faced by people, planet, flora and fauna

They struggle to find their “why”

They struggle to grow their businesses

They struggle to find likeminded lovers

They struggle in a pit of despair and delusion but often can’t share that with others because everyone else in their physical/digital ecosystem is bouncing around on cloud-9; until the same old financial challenges rise to the surface

Despite their pain, most look down at me with disdain/pity in this context and consider me some kind of spiritual heathen; perhaps this is true as I’m still only at the very beginning of my spiritual journey

Others look at me as a spiritual sell-out who is trying to have his cake and eat it; I let them know I want to have it, eat it and SHARE it. And I can. Very gratefully

A small but thankfully growing percentage of people, usually those who feel the Planet’s pain but are fed up with having a very limited impact on the world, understand that my message of “you cannot give what you do not have” is even more pertinent for anyone who cares deeply about healing humanity

By my calculations, if we are able to add another 10,000 SOCIALLY-MINDED people to the list of “global millionaires”, then we’re able to build solid foundations on which to re-distribute £1bn in capital from the top 1% (that’s you if you have more than $32,000 Income and/or have more than $871,320 Net Worth as of 2018 according to the 2018 Wealth Report) to the bottom 1%

Since my TED talk 9 years ago, the philosophy I live for, and will die for, is simple:

If you are reading this in the comfort of a developed economy postcode, with the privileged of first-world choices and the conscious awareness to accept some level of collective responsibility for where we are as a divided species of have’s and have-not's today, then you have a moral imperative to create real, lasting and RE-DISTRIBUTABLE wealth

Even though perhaps right now you feel like you’re in the have-not camp, for you and I, having already won the postcode lottery it’s easier to hit Millionaire status than for the 5.82 billion others on the planet currently living in developing or undeveloped nations (defined by the HID, Human Development Index)

And it’s important that as many of us get to Millionaire status as possible so that WE can return money to its rightful places as the most powerful force for good in the world

Forget the battle between “money” and “spirituality” because there is none; that battle is MAN MADE (literally, made up by a bunch of men)

Instead, consider a marriage between your (possibly under-developed) desire to create wealth and your desire to connect with Divinity*

Then, by engaging with other kindred spirits also creating M.A.D Money (money that Makes A Difference), allow that marriage to help direct the way that you build huge wealth over the next 10, 20 and 30 years and re-distribute it to where it is needed most

*Divinity means many things to many people; for me, it is the formless Nirakar, or Source

This is long-game, lifetime legacy stuff but even at the most basic level, making better consumption choices requires more wealth

For my friends, the idea that clothing is made by children is as abhorrent as it is for me but with one distinct difference; I am able to see the opportunity that this presents for REINVIGORATING that rotten area of capitalism

This is perhaps the reality that so many outstanding people don’t see:

If you don’t want to buy clothes made by child-labourers, more money allows you to buy consciously produced, higher priced clothing

If you don’t want to eat food that can only be priced so low because farming cooperatives in developing economies got screwed by bullies in the supply chain, more money allows you to buy consciously produced, higher priced food

If you don’t want to destroy the environment every time you put your foot on the accelerator, more money allows you to open up your transport choices, often at higher cost as you pay to neutralise your carbon footprint

I could go on but the point remains; you can’t give what you don’t have

And the world NEEDS you to HAVE; not just to have what YOU want but to have what OTHERS NEED from you as one of the Planets more privileged inhabitants

The alternative is to (selfishly, IMHO), take the privilege of our lottery win and squander it by hiding away in a life of inward looking, self-centred and one-dimensional practice; seeking answers to spiritual questions where there are none instead of looking outward at the opportunity that exists for you to leverage your innate goodness by building economic force

Our spirituality is not defined by how much we meditate, how many chia seeds we eat or even how much positive energy we spreadIt is defined by how selfless we are in the pursuit of improving living/survivability standards for people, planet, flora and fauna

The meditation, chia seeds and positive energy simply fuels the endeavour and is CRITICAL to helping you deal with the pain that others are experiencing as I’ve found lately!!

At Legacy Makers, we are committed to facilitating the return of Money as the single most powerful force for good on the planet, by helping socially minded human beings to make a shit ton of it. Unashamedly.

If any of this piece resonates with the deepest part of you that wants to make more money so that you can have a much greater impact on humanity’s biggest challenges, I’d LOVE to share the MAD Millionaire Method with you THIS MONDAY at 8pm

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