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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Want out of debt? Do these THREE things...

... Leverage Big

... Prioritise Well

... Fail (but not too often)

You learn a few things about how to help others make/manage/multiply money when forced to make the leap from £107,000 in BAD debt to the very blessed position of giving whatever I want, to whoever I want, whenever I want (always a childhood goal)

Here are three of the most telling signs that someone / they / perhaps you will continue to struggle in financial hardship:

>> They fail to accept that holding huge “bad debt” should never stop you taking on MUCH MORE “good debt” to climb out of financial trouble because borrowing is leverage and leverage is SPEED

The more GOOD debt you take on, the quicker you leverage your way out of the bad debt

That’s why trading the markets is SO effective at getting people out of debt because you have the double-whammy of LEVERAGE and HIGH RETURNS; sometimes 20x, 30x or even 40x what savings and investment products offer


>> They fail to recognise that fixing the FINANCIAL PROBLEM needs a fundamental shift in the way they prioritise time, until which point they can’t ever do the work needed to make, manage and multiply money

Time is the real killer when it comes to taking on new wealth-mix strategies because if you’re anything like I was when in masses of debt, you’ll be squeezing every last productive hour, minute and second out of the day already trying to work/save/magic-button your way out of the debt

This is why I created the Mad Millionaire Method to be traded in just 1-hour per week so that ANYONE can integrate the wealth building system in to an already busy life


>> They fail to (truly) accept failure as an essential part of the journey and hold back from taking the necessary risks because they "can’t afford to get it wrong again"

For new traders, it’s essential to “bank” some early and quick profits because the sub-conscious impacts of fear, greed and self-worth are so insidious in how they destroy “trading confidence”

Imagine coming off a trading course only to suffer a string of losses so big that you never recover psychologically OR financially

SADLY, this is the story for most traders which is exactly why the MAD Millionaire Method was designed to pick only High-POP trades that have delivered 105 wins from 109 trades over the past 12 months


At our Beginners Class, you’ll see exactly HOW the MAD Method generates a 96% win rate which resulted in (verifiable) 23.3% tax free growth through 2018/19

More importantly, you’ll see how it’s not conventional trading which means EVERYONE (you!) should be integrating this 1-hour per week strategy in to your wealth-mix..

If you’re struggling to make consistent profits, or never considered trading as part of your wealth mix, the free Beginners Class is a great place to start… 🙏❤️✌️❤️🙏

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