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  • Dillon Dhanecha

[To Create Wealth...] Be More Balla

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

This is my brother from another, Balla…

And this article is to encourage us all to "Be More Balla" ...

Every time I visit Barcelona, we spend all day at the beach together

Truth be told, he’s usually at the beach way before I make my first yoga/swim visit at sunrise and he’s usually still there when I pack up my laptop to head home at sunset

Whenever I visit during the months of May to September my man is there; you could say he is living the dream..

6 months of the year at home kicking back with the family

6 months of the year lounging on one of the best beaches in Barcelona

But unfortunately it’s not quite like that for Balla

For my wife and I, being in Barcelona regularly over the summer months IS somewhat of a dream..

Something we feel we’ve worked hard for and something that we’ve made great sacrifices for

All of which feels like utter nonsense in the face of Balla’s “hard work” and “sacrifices"

We are privileged with CHOICES that are mostly in our control (no threat of malnutrition, dehydration, war, deportation, poverty or being sold in to modern day slavery)


We are privileged with CONNECTIVITY that allows us to run businesses from any locations (no concerns about data/roaming costs OR worrying about the safety of our family back home)

In the connected, globalised and monetary world, our CHOICES and CONNECTIVITY give us the POWER of PRIVILEGE

And we made a decision NEVER to let that privilege go to waste but instead to “get over” our first world “problems” like self-doubt and fear of failure to do WHATEVER it takes

Balla and I both make the same CHOICE to be in Barcelona at the same time each year, but with very different IMPERATIVE

For Priya and I, it’s about creating content, spending time planning the next quarter and sharing ideas on longer term plans for our businesses or bucket lists

The choices we are able to make as WINNERS of the first-world post code lottery are radically different to Balla’s

For Balla, it’s about creating cash-income in a developed economy, so that he can use to support his family through the year in a very different economy back home in Senegal

You see, Balla is a seasonal worker who spends 6 months of the year in Barcelona, 2000 miles away from his family, sleeping on the beach and making money by renting deck chairs, foot stools and parasols

He’s been CHOOSING to do this for 13 years because it sets a foundation on which he can build a financial legacy for his family

So, is his "choice" really the same kind of first-word CHOICE that Priya and I make?

Or is it a choice that he is coerced in to making by virtue of CIRCUMSTANCE?

At the time this picture was taken, Balla was using his premium-priced CONNECTIVITY on a pay-as-you-go mobile phone to make a call back home; it was Ramadan and his family wanted to know that he was safe

Sleeping on the beaches of Barcelona is rarely safe especially when you've been collecting cash all day

Ask Balla and he will tell you that he is one of the lucky one’s

In the same way that my CHOICES and CONNECTIVITY are envied by Balla, the choices he makes and connectivity he has is a luxury to most of his friends back home who are stuck in unrelenting poverty

He told me during our conversation that he was prepared to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to put his children through school and college

He told me the risks of staying at home and doing nothing are far greater than the risk of doing the 4000 mile round trip and sleeping rough for 6 months

He is scared for his family's long term financial wellbeing... not because they want to live a nice retirement on the Cote D'Azur but because he has grandparents who need urgent medical care and children who need feeding, clothing and educating

Fear, greed, choice, connectivity, sacrifice, risk… it’s all relative

Balla will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure his family climb out of their current circumstances; even if that means spending 6 months away from them, sleeping on the beach, rain or shine.

Most people I see at events, on webinars and in my expanded circle of influence never get to where they want to be because they have a very privilege skew on what “risk” actually is

They are so BUSY dealing with inner voices of doubt and fear of failure that they become BLIND to the real opportunity that lies on the other side of their fears, skepticism and (truth be told) laziness

What ALL OF US HAVE is the CHOICE and CONNECTIVITY that allows us to make more in a single 1-hour trading session, than Balla makes in an entire day on the beach

What MOST DON'T HAVE is the IMPERATIVE to do something about it, and so fear fills the gap where imperative should be

Don’t be most people

Be more Balla, make the BEST CHOICE available to you, not the easiest choice

Trading the markets is a privilege that so few people on the planet have

The only thing that stands between you and the financial future that most can only dream of, is a single little choice to step up and learn

I DO understand that trading has been given a really bad rep and that is exactly why I log in to a real money trading account at our Beginners Class

This is to show you the proof and the steps of how we generated 23.3% tax free growth 2018-2019, from just over 2 trades per week (109 trades total, 105 wins, 4 losses)

If you’re ready to Be More Balla and make the best choices that are available to you (without letting your self-doubt, skepticism or laziness get in the way), I’d LOVE to see you at class:

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