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Three Reasons People Don't Get Wealthy

Updated: May 8, 2019

I thought I’d have hardened up to the pain by now, but no such luck

Unless we economically empower those individuals who epitomise the energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, collaboration and collective responsibility, we will relinquish our people, planet, flora and fauna to the competitive and destructive energies that have until now driven so many aspects of our world to the edge of extinction

It still really upsets me to know that there are so many really great people in the world with INCREDIBLE INTENTIONS for MAKING A DIFFERENCE to the lives of others are completely IN THE DARK about how to build real, lasting and re-distributable wealth

There are people who care

I meet them everyday

But what breaks my heart is that unless they take the right kind of radical action they’ll never be wealthy

They will blame the system, and I agree

But they will also ABSTAIN from the system. AND this I think is their biggest personal failure

The system IS created for the benefit of those who value self-interest

But that does not mean that those who value social impact can’t extract HUGE FINANCIAL BENEFIT

And if you want to make a social impact, I can tell you from my personal experience as a Venture Philanthropist that having cash on the hip will definitely help you go faster and further in your impact

IF making a MASSIVE IMPACT on our GLOBAL POPULATION makes you happy, then by definition MONEY MAKES YOU HAPPY

You just have to choose whether you’re going to keep going cap in hand to the world and get others to fund your philanthropy or just say “fuck it, I’m bored of begging” and make the money yourself

That's what I did. And that's what you can do too

You don’t have to abstain from the system

You just have to understand it

AND PLAY IT to your advantage

By definition of WHO YOU ARE and WAHT YOU STAND FOR, playing it to YOUR ADVANTAGE means playing it to the advantage of all people, planet, flora and fauna

In my personal experience, here’s how to UNDERSTAND and PLAY the system:

>> People struggle with building REAL WEALTH because because the financial services industry keeps most people in the dark about HOW to do it

Owning your home, paying £500/month in to a pension pot, using your tax-free ISA allowance, investing in stocks and shares... it’s ALL tinkering around the edges. And most people aren’t even doing that.

I know the financial freedom industry blames schools but it’s NOT the schools that get it wrong. It’s the puppet masters that won’t let them get it right

YOU are the only one who can CHOOSE to do something differently and get educated on HOW to build inordinate wealth using the markets..

>> People struggle with building LASTING WEALTH because the nature of capitalism (when you’re on the wrong end) is that you are subject to rising costs and higher bills but never benefit from the opportunity to GROW CAPITAL at a faster rate than that at which prices are rising i.e. inflation always fucks you

This means that the value of your money HALVES in purchasing power every 10 years

We ALL know that anecdotally £1 today buys you a lot less than it did 20 years ago but only YOU can choose to how many of us are doing ANYTHING today to make sure you’re doubling your money over the same period that the economic forces slash it by half

>> People struggle with building RE-DISTRIBUTABLE WEALTH because their lack of REAL and LASTING wealth means that they are forever struggling to keep up with “paying the bills” and “servicing the credit line” so there’s never any spare left to give away

You MUST get strong to give strong. And getting strong means DOING DIFFERENT

It AMAZES me at the things that get people flocking to continue tinkering round the edges… you know the sort of thing… a government dictat to “auto enroll” in to a pension scheme... a T.V ad for some shitty £100 account switching deal... an introductory 5% interest offer… a 0% balance transfer rate… or any other ridiculous marketing hack to convince people they are getting something for nothing

That’s not something for nothing

That’s going for the thing that “sounds” less risky but actually isn’t at all

Pension schemes go down the pan every year. And those that don’t very often lose money for their investors.

£100 to switch your account to a new bank? Great, if all you need is pocket change to pay for your next food shop.

5% interest for the first year on your current account. Awesome; if you’ve got £500,000 to deposit but not so great for most people

0% balance transfer rate on your credit card? Super useful. Until you realise that the old card is back up to it’s limit again

The REAL RISK is not learning how to take control of your own wealth creation

The REAL RISK is not taking the first step

The REAL RISK is not doing something different

That’s why I created the M.A.D Millionaire Method; for ANYONE who needs to build wealth to satisfy their desire for making a TRULY OUTSTANDING impact on the world

Get Strong to Give Strong, because you simply can’t give what you don’t have

If you’d love to have that life-changing lightbulb moment in your journey towards financial freedom, I'd LOVE to meet you are the next next online M.A.D Millionaire Method on Monday...

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