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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Thinking Rich - Thinking Poor

If you're not rich yet, it's NOT your fault

Sometimes you might be tempted to blame yourself for your lack of financial freedom but as you'll see today, what you see around you in your economic ecosystem is simply an indication that your Money Brain needs training in a different way

Thinking Rich precedes being rich; which means that to reach greater levels of financial freedom, fulfilment and abundance requires you to work first on your money brain, and then on your money mechanics

You create Money first in the mind and then in the material

The difference between Thinking Rich and Thinking Poor is less about the material goods that you can afford and more about the power of your mind to ensure lifelong financial freedom, fulfilment and abundance

Your mind is the melting pot of your life's experiences; Thinking Rich means being able to convert your knowledge and experience in to products, services, sales and profits

The wealth you see around you, in your life and in the lives of others, all started as a tiny, insignificant but impressively powerful spark of electrical energy that we still don't truly understand; it began in thought

The ipad I'm scribing on, the device you are reading on, the car you drive, bike you ride, train you take... It all started as a thought in the mind of someone who fine tuned their ability to Think Rich

Rich Thinkers turn their ideas in to real, tangible products, services, sales and profits by acting on ideas without fear of failure; that is not to say that ALL ideas rooted in the mind of a Rich Thinker are socially or commercially profitable but that the ideas are ACTED UPON without fear, and quite often with the expectation of some failure along the way

Rich Thinkers are like PRACTICAL physicists; they conduct real-life, real-time experiments and then try to figure out why the heck it didn't work... They do this over and over and over until a successful outcome is reached

The next "big idea" that you see appear in the shops or on your screen will not have arrived there because someone worked harder than you, or was more lucky than you or was even more dishonest than you (all the things commonly attributed to the rich)

It will have arrived there because the person who had the idea was first and foremost a rich thinker: someone knows the value of their own thoughts, someone who acts fearlessly on their thoughts and someone who embraces the idea that failure is part of the game

Tolerance to failure is just another way of describing tolerance to risk; those who think poor remain poor because they have a much lower tolerance to risk. There is an inherent truth in the idea that greater tolerance to risk brings greater reward

Whilst Thinking Rich leaves no room for "security", Thinking Poor craves security. You might think that "financial security" is what you want but the very idea of financial security is a paradox because to create the level of wealth you need to feel "secure" demands that you take risks that run contrary to your conditioned desire for security

My father paid in to a pension for 40 years, working 7-days a week having arrived in to the UK as a refugee from Uganda in 1972. As an accountant, Dad is the epitome of "risk averse" so did not invest in property, did not store wealth in gold, bought only "safe" banking stocks and tucked money away in to high street savings accounts.

He shy'ed away from anything remotely risky, and preferred to place his hard earned coin in all of the vehicles that aligned with his desire to keep his family safe. The result was an annuity that doesn't cover the bills and cash savings that attract the lowest interests rates ever known set against soaring costs, reduced government assistance and an economic climate that leaves him feeling anything but secure

In the context of rising consumer debt, reckless borrowing and unsustainable consumption levels, not for a minute would you consider dad to be a poor thinker; you'd have considered him to be a smart man, doing the absolutel best for his family with a safe and secure" pair of hands.

But as we see time and again, when you have a latent, untapped Money Brain as my dad certainly does, safe and secure does not result in financial freedom, financial fulfilment or financial abundance

For some, thinking rich is about "playing the part" and buying all the things that make them feel rich. This is the "fake it till you make it" paradigm that is so often mis-understood in the world of personal development and financial freedom

Thinking Rich is NOT about being rich in material terms; when Elon Musk was down to his last $20,000 AFTER selling out of PayPal, he slept on a friends sofa and would not have been considered rich by most people

The few who considered Elon rich even when he was close to penniless would have been measuring his wealth as a product of his ideas and thoughts, not as a product of his material belongings

Thinking Rich is not about the Bentley's, Boats and Big Houses but about the power of thought to create a life on your terms (which may of course RESULT in Bentley's, Boats and Big Houses if that's what you choose.... nothing wrong with that, unless of course it's all on borrowed coin!)

Thinking Rich is about KNOWING that YOU have the power to design the life of your dreams because you have the ability to RESPOND with ACTION to the ideas that appear (as if by magic sometimes) in your brain

Think about the last 10 ideas you had for launching products and/or services; how many did you act on? If you had acted on them, is there the slightest chance that one of them might have taken off? And even if none of the 10 took off, is there the slightest chance that you would have had a few more ideas by now to test in the marketplace?

The Money Brain is a brain that consistently grows in it's power to improve it's ABILITY TO RESPOND to ideas, whereas the Monkey Brain is the more primitive part of the brain that works to highlight fears and insecurities, most often by reminding you of past failures. The Monkey Brain mistakes RESPONSE-ABILITY for blame

The difference between blaming yourself for where you are right now financially, and taking RESPONSE-ABILITY is the difference between Thinking Rich and Thinking Poor

Once you are able to focus the Money Mind on developing a greater ability to respond to your ideas with positive, unrelenting and undeterred action, then you will be able to turn your thoughts in to real, tangible products, services, sales and profits

Until next time... remember... Thinking Rich Precedes Being Rich

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