• Dillon Dhanecha

The truth on how to deal with the lows of entrepreneurship as I see it...

Updated: May 4, 2019

It's freaking hard and you have to hold on for dear life thru the lows, so that you can enjoy the highs...

Duality is the overwhelming force shaping everything; without the dark, there is no light.. without the highs, there are no lows... or rather, without the lows, you can't truly appreciate the sheer relief that the highs bring!!!

>> No hack will give you permanent "wings of steel" >> No system will bring jump-out-of-bed joy everyday >> No amount of personal development "love what you do and never work another day in your life" BS is going to cut it; because there will ALWAYS be a problem bigger than your belief which means there will always be a time you feel thoroughly out of your depth and close to drowning... that's the nature of growth...

SO... in the moment try as best as you can to find some tiny thread of a reason to be grateful for the shite that finds it's way in to your world because without it, you'd never get to experience the good stuff

BUT... the challenge is doing this: I think it's sometimes easy to say the words "find the learning", "find the gratitude", "find the reason why"... but if you're anything like me, by the time you feel low, it's too late and you wouldn't even piss on a personal development book if it was on fire, let alone actually take any of the tools and implement them

SO... in the longer term, TRULY work on raising your vibrations DAILY so that when shite meets fan, you're better able to weather the storm

To expect that you'll always stay motivated is a simplistic notion peddled by YouTube adverts claiming to hold the elixir of life in a 4-part video series...

80% of what you do is SUPER TOUGH. Not many can cope, which is why so few succeed

20% of what you do is SUPER COOL. Not many will ever get past the 80% to experience this, which is why you have the edge if you can

Keep on keeping on... Find joy in service on the days you can't find joy in anything else... Get through it... Sleep on it... Rinse and repeat as many times as you need to


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