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  • Dillon Dhanecha

The Power of Launch Pricing

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today's piece is more for course creators and coaches, rather than traders As I prepare to launch our brand new M.A.D Millionaire Mentorship, a 12-month comprehensive program to "manufacture" profitable traders, the idea of "launch pricing" is at the forefront of my mind Launching a product for the first time is a HUGE opportunity to make a splash; but this only works when you're not hooked on making a ton of cash

But Dillon... I thought launches were all about MASSIVE audiences and STACKS of Benjamin's being tucked in your sparkly thong?

Sure... that's what the big guys Stateside would have you think; and perhaps for them it is about that NOW

But it didn't start out like that, and nor should it for you

It started small; Jeff Walker's first newsletter went out to just 19 people, my first solo (non JV) webinar was to 2 people, Eben Pagan may be relentlessly spamming your inbox with a new product every 37 seconds but again, he didn't start out with what appears to be the world's most prolific launch machine

Your very FIRST launch for any product, especially your first product is going to be small. That's the truth. Forget the bullshit hype.

But SMALL is sexy (except in a sparkly thong!)

Your first, baby sized launch is an opportunity to do three things;

1. Build your movement on the foundation of VALUE

2. Deliver crazy powerful RESULTS

3. Secure powerful client TESTIMONY

From a business perspective, it's also a great time to test your systems, your delivery, your support infrastructure and your backend sales funnel

To do this means you have to forget about the money; the reality is it's hard to make a loss on info/educational/coaching products because the overhead is just so low

NOTE: That said, make sure you pay attention to your marketing metrics (if you struggle with numbers, you may want to check out the Metric Driven Marketing tutorials inside the Growth Lab members area when it launches in December)

So the point here is to focus on customer acquisition, early student success and stress testing your systems, not front end profits

To do this

1. Keep prices ridiculously low to secure high sales conversions (be known for having silly prices for new product launches and you'll build a great base of repeat clients who LOVE your launches)

2. Ensure crazy high service levels throughout (be known for going over and above the call of duty to guarantee student success)

3. Work hard to maintain market leading engagement levels (be known as the coaching business which builds individual relationships with clients)

In order to do this, you need to be prepared to take a hit on early revenues; remember your initial audiences will be small (in most cases) which means you can't rely on the usual 10-30% conversions to fill a program for the first time

Think about the long game. If you're looking at creating legacy, think about your products as asset-babies that will give your coaching business joy for years to come in the form of long term income, deep client impact and lasting influence

To make this happen, you need big momentum early on, not Benjamins (money) in your sparkly thong And to build momentum, you have to ensure your earliest students and clients are your biggest advocates as a result of the value, the knowledge and the RESULTS you are able to get for them If you're interested in adding trading to your wealth creation portfolio, register for the free M.A.D Millionaire Mentorship today at (don't worry, it's NOT trading as you have ever assumed it to be... much less Wolf of Wall Street and much more Mother Theresa of Calcutta!)

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