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  • Dillon Dhanecha

The Paradox of Trading Success

Updated: May 8, 2019

As you quickly grow to become a consistently profitable trader, there’s a chance that you may just sabotage your own success

In the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, Bill Gates says that

"Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can’t lose”

Gates was speaking about IBM but it is in relation to your’s and my trading success that I was reminded of this quote last Friday, when closing another trading week, with another 100% win rate

It became clear that there is something very special about the system I’m using but it also became clear that to maintain this level of success is going to require a consciously high level of diligence to keep doing the things that work

Let me just say for avoidance of doubt that not every week will result in a 100% win rate. I’ve been trading online since the early-2000’s and experienced enough to know that there are going to be some losing weeks... but... so far so good...

96.4% win rate, 2.13% average weekly growth, 2-hours at the charts every Monday

Not bad by any traders standards BUT also a MASSIVE WARNING to stay focussed on what works and avoid falling in to the complacency trap

It’s these results that reminded me of the what Bill Gates said and similarly, it’s your winning weeks that should focus your mind even more clearly on your success habits

The more profitable weeks you have, the more your money grows, the greater your confidence becomes and (rightfully) the more you begin to believe in yourself as a long-term profitable trader

Your life is characterised by spiritual/personal AND material/monetary growth

BUT here’s the rub...

The line between being a confident trader and a reckless trader is hairline thin; which means that you may soon find yourself creeping in to habits that sabotage your success, rather than perpetuate it

You may stop being so detailed in your analysis, taking more trades on “gut instinct”

You may stop being so prudent in taking only the best trades, placing your capital at risk

You may stop being so hands-off during the week, interfering with trades unnecessarily

There’s many things that you may stop doing or start doing which take you away from the process that you know to work; and despite your best attempts to link your new habits to confidence, they are actually rooted in complacency

To a newly profitable trader, unconscious competence and/or intuition is Enemy Number One!

As you move in to the realms of being a consistently profitable trader, it’s super important to remain conscious of the system and the diligence that makes you profitable so that you never stray too far from what works

The paradox of trading success is simply this: the more successful you get, the more risk you’re at of being unsuccessful

Instead of letting complacency creep in, be sure to let your success drive even greater levels of conscientiousness

Keep focused on what works and remember, it’s not ALL about the MONEY but all about the M.A.D Money... 🙏✌🙏 At Legacy Makers, we believe that joining other collaboratively minded individuals gives our traders the privilege of consistent peer-group support. Hugs when needed. Words when needed!!!! It's this level of support that ensures our traders are consistently profitable.

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