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Specific Spending

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, we're talking about how the SPECIFICITY of your financial fantasies can bring quicker economic results

There's a SUPER SIMPLE and SUPER EFFECTIVE exercise that you can do weekly which will open your mind to a whole new world of money as a force for material and philanthropic pleasure

As part of our MAD Money 365 program, we have an exercise called FANTASY FRIDAY (free gift for you below).. and every week students get AWESOME breakthroughs as they take a trip to the land of financial fantasy

Following daily coaching videos Monday to Thursday on all things Money Mindset, Money Methods and Money Mechanics, students on the program receive an amount of money on Friday that they MUST spend, fully, with nothing left

The twist is that they get DOUBLE the next day; which they must spend again

AND they get DOUBLE the following day; which they also have to get through

As an example;

You get £10,000 on Friday, which you must spendThen, another £20,000 is deposited in to your account on Saturday, which you must spendFinally, £40,000 is made available to you on Sunday and you have to get through it all

The M.A.D Money 365 coaching program is a YEAR LONG deep dive in to the paradigms and processes that create 7-figure wealth and the repeatedly engaging in the Fantasy Friday is a critical component in releasing students from a scarcity mindset by opening their hearts to a whole new world of material and philanthropic fulfilment

An added (and to be honest, unplanned!) benefit of the exercise is rooted in the SPECIFICITY of this fantastical spending

As students list in detail what they are spending the money on each day, they begin to get clear on exactly what they want from life

The power of this specificity should not be underestimated as it works in THREE ways on the sub-conscious mind:

  1. Firstly, knowing exactly what the weekly windfall is being spent on requires a level of conscious awareness that most simply do not have in day-to-day, real world spending; this has resulted in students transferring the increased conscious-awareness to real life spending which overall has reduced compulsive spending

  2. Secondly, being specific on precisely what the money is being spent on brings with it a specificity on what needs are being met through the spending; for example, whether the item being bought is a psychological crutch or not

  3. Thirdly, having an unlimited source of funds, even though as part of a fantastical exercise, has opened up the potential for unlimited giving which grows in magnitude as we start getting to numbers that some students may never have had exposure to; or considered "spending"; for example, when the pot of money you receive on a Friday is equal to the GDP of Iceland and you then see SPECIFICALLY what this amount of money could do to bridge SPECIFIC equality gaps across the world, you really start to consider the reality of what a powerful force for good money can be and to start making real the idea of returning money to it's rightful place as the most powerful force for good on the planet

The lesson to learn from this exercise is that it is the specificity of HOW you'd utilise the money which really anchors the desire to go turn financial hopes and dreams in to tangible, lasting economic results

From a Law of Money perspective, these very specific desires create an energy signature which begins to reverberate at a frequency that very quickly starts to attract tangible financial results

If you'd like a FREE copy of the Fantasy Friday calculator (with instructions on how to play along), Click Here and enter your name and email... I'll get one of the awesome team at Legacy Makers to send something out to you...

In the meantime... Stay M.A.D :-)

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