• Dillon Dhanecha

[SoulFuel] Love first. Money second.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Following years of inner work to raise my vibrational energy signature there was a time when my world was filtered through rose tinted glasses... all I could see was the beauty of our people, planet, flora and fauna reflected back at me

It didn’t matter whether I was at the coal face of poverty in Uganda or at the height of luxury in Dubai, the world was a fabulous place, full of great experiences AND opportunities to improve circumstances for people, planet, flora and fauna

For a good few years it worked and the vision for redistributing £1bn to UN-SDGs started to come alive

And then, I drifted

I drifted back towards the guilt of “having” that plagued me for so many decades

> Back towards a state of frustration rooted in my “lack” of achievement and of impact

> Back towards a place of self-loathing that came from persistently comparing myself to others

> Back towards worrisome days and sleepless nights

> Back towards the EGO that had been my steering force for so long; an ego which see’s little beauty in anything and instead chooses to criticise, compare and complain at every moment

Having made a commitment to return back to the spiritual teachings that first liberated me, the results have been astounding

And this experience has raised an important question:

How do we define beauty?

The way you answer this question largely determines your life-experience because it determines where you see beauty in the world around you

Do you see it reflected in nature?

Does it reveal itself in your daily interactions?

Or does the world reflect only the ugliness of win-lose inequality that has been sculpted by the human ego?

Michelangelo is quoted to have said:

“Every beauty which is seen here below by persons of perception, resembles more than anything else that celestial force from which we all come”

And Keates:

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all you know on Earth and all you need to know”

As you reach higher levels of consciousness, you begin to see beauty EVERYWHERE

From rolling waves to rolling hills and every act of nature in between

But more than that, you begin to see beauty in what you might otherwise interpret as barbaric acts of inequality

Rumi said

“Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote as it gives me “permission” to NOT interpret that which I see using the “logical” brain

It allows me to interpret the world around me through my own filters of trust in the “celestial force”

If you’re struggling to make sense of the world and are pain’ed rather than propelled to contribute on a grand scale by what you see, there’s ONLY one answer (and you may be surprised to hear from me that it’s NOT trading the markets.. although the money definitely helps!)

The answer is to increase the quantity and quality of inner work that you do to neutralise what appears to be a growing wave of pain being felt across political, environmental, social and economic life

From my own experience, when I replaced a lot of the time spent on technical training with spiritual practice (reading, listening, meditating, yoga’ing, chanting) I found deeply nurturing comfort

Something connected with my soul and touched my heart

Results in every area of my life improved exponentially as I rebelled against the “norm” and revelled in the “new”

Outwardly AND inwardly, I was congruent; aligned in thought, word and action

Things that had troubled me for years no longer had a grip on me

Insecurities that had held me back for decades fell gently away

I felt rooted in my own personal power and psychologically protected by a relentless search for beauty in EVERYTHING

And I found it

Feeding the homeless guy outside Starbucks was no longer an act riddled with guilt but rather an opportunity to express compassion

Moving road-kill to the side was no longer a frustrating delay to my journey and a moment to judge the driver who didn’t stop, but an opportunity to show care and pray for another soul

Most impactful for me was my new perception of inequality caused by personalities on this planet who would rather compete for resources than share the wealth

For a period when I stopped the inner work, I began to hate on these individuals; who ultimately are only human beings doing what is in their consciousness to do AND providing me with the opportunity to be, make, give and love in an entirely different way Had it not been for these individuals, my life’s work would never have plugged itself in to my heart SO WHY WOULD I EVER HATE ON THEM??? Just doesn’t make sense

I began to see EVERY act of inequality as fuel for the fire of my burning desire to create a global movement of financially powerful change-makers (now collectively called the MAD Millionaires)

Find beauty in as many places as you can; and most of all in the opportunites to show care, compassion and forgiveness that are presented to you on a daily basis.

I’ve learned that this single step of intentional action has been the key to helping me undertake lifelong pursuit of transcending the ego

Infinite stores of personal power can be unlocked by removing low energy emotions and replacing them with a high-vibrational energy signature that carries you through every day like the breeze carries a fluffy clouds across the sky

Wishing you a blessed and soulful Sunday... 🙏❤️✌️❤️🙏 p.s. If you love the idea of creating real, lasting and re-distributable wealth to become a MAD Millionaire, contributing to the biggest challenges faced by people, planet, flora and fauna on a truly global scale, I'd LOVE to meet you at the next next online MAD Millionaire Method intro class on Monday (no prior trading experience needed)