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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Profit in to Passion

If you’ve been struggling in your journey to attain financial freedom, perhaps you’re chasing the wrong economic goal?

For years I watched my parents work hard, save money and live an affordable life; spending much less than they earned

And in the main, it worked...

That’s completely the opposite of the message we get from the big guns of financial freedom;

You’re not rich because:

> Your parents were wrong, and stupid

> Your money conditioning is wrong, and pathetic

> Your entire approach to life is wrong, and miserable

Instead you should:

> Reduce your working hours, and live like the super rich

> Find quick-money systems, and spend time doing what you love

> Release yourself from the burden of productivity, and work a 4-hour week

You’ve undoubtedly seen these messages many times over as they hit your inbox like a blanket bomb of fake news

Today’s super wealthy are (or have been) the most productive people on the planet

Today’s super wealthy have never read Rich Dad Poor Dad, attended Millionaire Mind or raised their hands to Haddaway’s Life Will Never Be the Same before giving Sweaty-Steve a back-rub 

Truth is, there is a certain type of person that is attracted to the dark underworld of “financial freedom”

People like you and I, who watched their parents struggle and decided we didn’t want the same life

So we begin to “own" messages that appeal to our desire to live a different life

And more often than not, it sends us in to a tail-spin of introspection, indecision and incessant frustration as we simply can’t see a way to build the kind of life we “think” represents “wealthy”

More damaging than that, our “confirmation bias” only brings to our attention the evidence that agrees with our “new" paradigm that wealth creation should be easy, failure-free and just a hop-skip-jump away from the disastrous position we’re in now

The problem is not that the information is wrong per se but it is the dramatic over-simplification of actually what it takes to build wealth

Frankly, I’ve worked harder in the past 5 years than at any time in my life to pay off £107,000 of debt, build a property portfolio, trade the markets, launch a gold bullion business and share whatever I can, whenever I can with others

This month, my wife is 15-months in to building her business and has racked up more working hours than she ever did in the corporate world

We DO love what I do, we travel a lot, my wife has been able to leave her job and do what she loves but truth is, it’s been less “passion in to profit” and more “profit in to passion”

Just last night I had a moan because we don’t see each other from 6am right though to 9pm most days... I’m sat in Costa right now, having arrived at 6:30am to write this for you…

Neither Harv, Tony nor Robert K told me that THIS is what living the dream really looks like

Being at the sales end of wealth creation strategies, let me tell you, that buyers are just as much to blame as the sellers

Buyers simply do not want to hear the truth that it takes TIME, it takes HARD WORK, it takes INVESTMENT, it takes LEARNING, it takes FAILURE, it takes a LIFETIME to become an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS

Truth is; it takes all of that and more

But in a world conditioned to chase the shortcut instead of working the long game, people prefer to “vision board” their way to the ultimate version of life that is just a couple of giant leaps away from where they are now

It sounds easier that committing to the long game of wealth creation and take the baby steps, starting today. And because it sounds easier, people buy in to it easier

Just the other day, I had an email from someone asking me how they ever thought my trading strategies would make them a millionaire if I was suggesting they start with just £2000 and grew at “just” 1% per week

My response was simple. Do the math. And don’t come back until you’ve pulled your head out of the financial freedom quicksand

We are conditioned to believe that the journey can be shortcut, if only we were brave enough to sack the boss, turn our passions in profit and head to Bali with a laptop

How’s that working out for most people? 

Not the way it’s “supposed to” that’s for sure

Understanding the basic economic principles of wealth creation is your only true way to building a life worth living

A life where your profits will pay for your passions

A life where your financial legacy will speak volumes about how you focussed your time, where you focussed your energy and who’s lessons you learned

The real truth is; you might not even get there before you die

But at least your children will be able to build on the foundations that you so diligently set

Unless they find your secret stash of financial freedom books that is… If that happens, they’re absolutely fck'd

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