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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Margin Call

Updated: May 8, 2019

You won’t double your money overnight

You won’t double it in one week

And, although possible just a few days ago, now, you won’t even double it (safely) in one year

BUT you can still grow your account by a very favourable 0.5%-1% per week; still VERY exciting growth

This is approximately HALF of what the Legacy Makers S-A-F-E trading system was delivering just a few days ago BUT is also ridiculously huge for anyone who's serious about building real, legacy leaving wealth rather than "getting rich quick"

So why the change?

If you’re a new trader, you’d be forgiven for ignoring the dozens of emails being sent out by your trading platform informing you about changes to margin requirements being enforced by the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) this week

If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about

Without using up your valuable time and brain space with all the granular details, essentially the ESMA has ruled that retail traders, in contrast to professional traders, now have to put up much more capital to secure against the downside of a trade

In practice, this means that where previously you could have taken four positions for every £1000 in your account using the S-A-F-E System, now you can only take two positions

Our returns dropped from a very safe 2% per week to an expected 0.5%-1% per week and

I’m sharing this with you for a very good reason; because more than anything else, it's super important you understanding the environment you're operating in

As the Legacy Makers name suggests, our entire mission is to sculpt traders who build wealth specifically to create a financial and philanthropic LEGACY; we call these our M.A.D Millionaires... mad as in, Make a Difference... not as in the Mad Hatter... although the two are very close 😉

By definition, being a M.A.D Millionaire who leaves a lasting financial and philanthropic legacy is a long play. In fact, more than that, it’s a LIFETIME play

This means taking a long view and being adaptable to shifts in policy, regulation and service delivery

What’s the alternative?

You could complain about the new rules

You could join the conspiracy theorists

You could even throw the towel in

And in the few days that the new ESMA rules have been in place, I’ve already witnessed a ton of that out there in the trading wilderness, beyond the Legacy Makers walls I’ll add

There ARE some real issues with the new requirements, particularly for BRAND NEW traders

First, you can’t get started with anything less than £1000, which means that you need to be serious about this very serious business (this is why we have introduced a £1000 discount on our 12-month Professional Traders program, starting this week)

Second, no matter what anyone tells you, you can’t (safely) make the 2%+ per week that was once possible so need to manage your expectations of what is possible, safely

Third, you can’t tinker about at the edges of your trader education; these rules have been put in to place PRECISELY because under-educated newbies entered the market without an adequate understanding of the risks involved

To create REAL and LASTING WEALTH from trading, you have to get stuck in with a mentor who shares your values and you have to take a scientific approach to your learning rather than trying to wing it with free content and/or get-rich-quick schemes involving signals, trade-for-you bots, copy-my-trades subscriptions and all the other nonsense that’s out there

Now, more than ever before, new traders (and those not yet making consistent profits) need to invest in learning before ever investing in the markets

If you’re not prepared to do that; you’re better off taking your hard-earned cash and heading out to Vegas for the weekend. At least you’ll get to see some bright lights that way!

Joking aside, there are also some REAL POSITIVES for new traders (or not-yet-profitable traders) which have their foundations in protecting new traders from rapid, large and unexpected losses which have been commonplace until now; what could possibly be wrong with that?

First, you are now protected against a negative balance; which means that for the first time ever, you can’t lose more than the amount you have in your account

Second, you are now protected against over leveraging; which means that you will see much less of the “get rich quick” messaging that has plagued our industry

Third, you are now protected against shady brokers and education providers who offer super high leverage and teach SUPER high-risk strategies

It’s a new landscape out there and just like all other markets that you may be playing in (property, precious metals, internet marketing, Amazon/Shopify) there are going to be shifts in the environment that you operate in

Some might be small and insignificant, others will be large and very significant. This one happens to be pretty big and that's ok... You gotta just roll with it and understand your system well enough that you can make the right changes if needed

As with all-things-trading, the biggest challenge is being able to THINK LIKE A TRADER; and that applies equally to how you engage with changing market dynamics as well as how you exercise your trades

Like I say to my students, trading the market isn’t like playing in toy-town; there are certain protocols to follow if you want to join the world’s richest players and philanthropists

Now that the changes have come, I embrace them; anything that keeps my capital and my students safe, is absolutely fine with me, even if that now means only making 50x what the banks will pay me in interest (crazy that anyone would complain when you think about it like that right?)

If you’re happy to get stuck in, learn the ropes and take the business of creating legacy seriously, what was already S-A-F-E, just got safer for you 😃

Remember, it’s not ALL about the MONEY. It’s all about the M.A.D MONEY...

p.s. if you’d like to learn more about the S-A-F-E System, I’d love to share it with you on our next M.A.D Millionaire Method… Check out and reserve your free spot…

p.p.s. Before you think it… I know... you DEFINITELY need to be a certain kind of wealth creator to resonate with a domain name like ... if that’s you, save your spot now 🙏❤️🙏

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