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It's OK to Feel Broken

Something unrelated to Money today

I read A LOT of personal development platitudes on Facebook and Insta which radically over-simplify the notions of fear, faith, spirit and ego

What total nonsense to suggest that you could live in a state of faithful, fearless, loving bliss 24/7/365

Sure, if you run off to the mountains with nothing more than a loin cloth and rosary beads, nothing is going to touch you and life will remain forever blissful

But what about in the real world?

What about in a world where you've got bills to pay, businesses to build, families to support and ambitions to fulfil?

What about in a world where your buttons are pressed daily by the relentless stream of perfect bodies, perfect entrepreneurs, perfect relationships and perfect families?

What about in a world where your deepest, darkest, most damaging insecurities are triggered every time you think about how far you haven't come and how many lives you haven't yet touched?

What about in a world where you've been conditioned to believe that failure is a weakness and not a strength?

It's dangerous to believe that you can live in faith and love 100% of the time; you can't and that's ok because that's the predicament of humankind

You'll drop in and out of fear

You'll ride the rollercoaster of emotions

You'll love life when you feel good

You'll self-loathe when you feel bad

There will be days when you celebrate the successes of other people

There will be days when you hate yourself for being jealous of the success they have

It's NOT ok to expect that you'll live up to the positive-mindset, all loving, never fearing, utopian perfection so carelessly thrown about by feel-good motivators

It IS OK however to feel how you feel, high or low, up or down, faithful or fearful, every minute of every day; but with one caveat:

To TRULY tap in to a level of self mastery is to be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of who is running the show at any minute of the day... One minute it will be your ego, the next your spirit...

Your conscious awareness will lead naturally to conscious intervention as you begin to understand what feels good and what feels bad

Your conscious intervention will create a momentum of positive thought that will keep you flying high for a greater proportion of time than you were previously able to

And ultimately, that will give you access to the faith that resides in your heart

The faith that will take you to places you only ever imagined

The faith that will give you the resilience that you deserve

The faith that what you feel now is exactly what you need to feel to help you reach greater levels of self-mastery

The faith that it is the multitude of feeling and emotion itself that create a truly technicolor life...

Without fear, you'll never know faith

Without ego, you'll never know spirit

Embrace every part of you

Don't judge yourself on the basis of some reckless rhetoric on your newsfeed

Because you are you

And you are cool as fuck; no matter how hard you find it to stay positive

Your friend on the battlefield of spirit and ego,

Dillon x

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