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It's not your SELF-BELIEF that will get you to financial fulfillment, it is your IMPERATIVE

My wife is a real-world example of how you turn adversity in to adventure and soul-crushing sadness in to serving others

Ironically, everyone around her has ALWAYS believed that she is a super talented, natural-born-artist

For the same reason that you, me and millions of others don't believe in ourselves; she didn't have nearly as much self-belief as others had belief in her

Other people see your talents much clearer than you can. Sound familiar?

If you ever have days where you believe you can't, that's ok. It's normal

Don't fall for the Facebook Live personalities or the Insta-Fame crowd who seem to exude confidence, self-belief and sexiness. They are also suffering the same self-belief/worthiness/deservedness issues as all of us; listen to the one's brave enough to show you their vulnerabilities

Ultimately, it's not your self-belief that will get you to financial fulfillment, it is your IMPERATIVE

To illustrate... the mother who runs in to a burning building to save her child doesn't want or need self-belief

In fact, if she stopped to think about what she was doing, she'd scare herself to pieces

And as she runs in to the building, any voice of self-doubt is drowned out by the screams of imperative

So, what she needs is the IMPERATIVE to risk her own life; and that has nothing to do with whether she BELIEVES she can do it or not

There's a tidal wave of literature that is sending millions of people away on wild goose chases searching for "self-belief" or "purpose" or "a big why" or any of the other pseudo-spiritual BS being peddled by the personal development journey

- Elon Musk has surprisingly little self-belief (listen to his interviews) - Gandhi didn't always believe he "could" but knew that he "must" (read his biography) - Gates has never proclaimed to have the answers to rid the world of disease, but he has the imperative to find them

And it's the same the world over

People who "make it" often have super LOW levels of self-belief but are tapped so tightly in to their IMPERATIVE that belief takes a back seat

In any case, self-belief is only ever temporary; until the next time your backside starts twitching because you're faced with your own metaphorical burning building

IMPERATIVE TRUMPS BELIEF and in the words spoken by her dad (and my buddy), my wife received the single biggest and most powerful gift any child could; an IMPERATIVE to take the action that her SELF-BELIEF would never allow her to

Watching my wife grow through adversity that I can never truly comprehend has been the single most amazing thing I've ever witnessed; if you are struggling to find self-belief, know that you are not alone...

You have the skills. All you need now is the imperative. Go forth and shine your light...

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