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Going Full Circle Doesn’t Mean You Didn’t Get Anywhere

Updated: May 8, 2019

If you’re struggling to find “the” thing that truly brings out the best in you and you find yourself self-sabotaging your own success by flip-flopping from one half-built idea to the next, this may just give you some confidence that you’re on the right path... as you’ll see, this period of experimentation is highly likely to be the making of you and your legacy

As a trader, consistency is my weapon of choice; it is the single most powerful tool in my repertoire for compounding consistent profits over long periods of time

I KNOW that when I commit to the 2-hours per week, every week, without fail, the results appear, without fail

Elsewhere in my world, I confess to being less than consistent; maybe you too?

And in many things, this inconsistency has resulted in a mediocrity, not mastery; maybe you too?

The exception to this unspoken rule of habitual inconsistency that I have embraced is in areas of my life where there is no struggle;

Inconsistency never features in my philanthropy

Inconsistency never features in my relationship

Inconsistency never features in my swimming

Inconsistency never features in my investing

Inconsistency never features in my mission

Inconsistency never features in my trading

Inconsistency never features in my values

The places where inconsistency features heavily are those areas of my life where I feel conflicted or where I have unresolved sub-conscious screw-up’s (technical term!); again, maybe you too?

Of all the areas I’ve been MOST inconsistent is in choosing the area of SERVICE that I truly want to focus on

How do I serve?

Who do I serve?

What are my skills?

Where is my value?

What do I love doing?

What is my why?

Why is my why?

Who’s going to care?

Will I ever make it happen?

Perhaps that’s you? Trying different things and feeling shitty because you haven’t found “the” thing yet?

These questions have plagued me for years but I think looking back, the first derailment came in March 2002 when I was featured on the front page of the Money Section of the Independent on Sunday as one of the UK’s online traders/investors who was “lifting a gloomy economy”... 

There’s a lot that went on in my immature head but essentially at that time, I simply wasn’t ready for the money I was making, the accolades I was receiving and the success that was beginning to feature in my life

In my head, I had an unresolved subconscious screw-up’s about who I was becoming

So I gave up trading until 2011 when I returned from volunteering in Rwanda, in massive debt and with no other skill to rely on but trading the markets to build myself back up again

Leonardo Da Vinci spoke of a concept that has also really connected with my soul over the years; that of interrelatedness. 

Interrelatedness is the idea that everything is related and by having far reaching, broad spectrum experiences, you are better able to make connections that others can’t

If you currently feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin by doing/learning/failing at too many things, relax in the knowledge that there’s a massive upside in experimenting, failing and pivoting

Since the early-2000’s, I’ve flip-flopped from one idea to the next and invested in philanthropic projects in a way that makes The Gambler look like Warren Buffett!

Some have worked spectacularly well, most have failed spectacularly badly!

At one point in 2011, I even decided that the best way to serve was to give everything up and become a volunteer for UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa). Not the kind of decision you make when you’re already drowning in personal debt!

And in late 2015, I decided to reverse the best decision I’d ever made two years previous; to teach other philanthropic minded individuals how to trade the markets for the single purpose of building real, lasting and redistributable wealth

The same pattern had repeated itself;

I simply wasn’t ready for the money I was making, the accolades I was receiving and the success that was beginning to feature in my life. Even though I’d worked for over a decade to get there

In my head, I had an unresolved subconscious screw-up’s about who I was becoming

Since giving up the thing that I LOVE most and that comes easiest to me, it hasn’t been plain sailing at all

In March this year immediately after a private charity dinner where I was asked for a sum of money that I simply did not have (but DESPERATELY wanted to give), I suffered a psychological low of the magnitude I’ve never suffered before; I lost confidence in myself, in my power to help others, in my journey, in my learnings, in my future and for the tiniest moment, in my very mission

IF only I’d been consistent in mastering the skill trading and teaching others how to trade, I could have given 10 times what they needed to change the lives of over 10,000 school children in Gambia

I remember sitting in the First Class carriage on the way home that night, trying to hold back the self-loathing until I gave up and moved to a seat in Economy; which in my head, is where I thought I belonged

Proper fucked up period of time

As I fought back the tears and scrolled through my list of inspiring quotes to help lift my spirits, I saw the quote by Marianne Williamson... You may have come across it too...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”


Since then, as I’ve dug deep, leaned on my spiritual foundations (thanks only to my parents) a lot has changed in a short period of time... but certain things have helped me steer a path back to where I belong; my Driving Value, Guiding Principle and Dharmic Mission have kept me making decisions that “feel” right and ultimately, full circle back to what I do best, what I teach best and where I make the most impact in the lives of others

They’ve helped me make decisions from the heart and execute with the mind, instead of the other way around

Driving Value: To deliver more in value than ever taking in payment and do that for as many people on the planet as possible

Guiding Principle: To design a life centered around the Vedic concept of Dharma; pursuing my truest calling, serving all other beings in the universe by playing my true role

Dharmic Mission: To directly influence the lives of those less fortunate (I know, cheesy as fuck.. but totally true)

Of the three, it is the Guiding Principle that has resulted in the highest highs and the most desperate lows. It has caused me the most angst, strongest self-directed anger and occasionally a touch angelic insight. It has led to the biggest successes and also the most damaging screw-ups in my life

Despite that, it is the Guiding Principle that has offered me the strength to do absolutely whatever I please and the protection from doing anything that ran contrary to my driving value or consciously damaged my ability to deliver on a lifetime mission that I care deeply about

What it didn’t offer me was protection from my own self-sabotage; and fuck me I’ve done a TON of that... left money on the table... left lives unchanged... left opportunities unmanifest...

BUT as I leaned heavily on my spiritual learnings and asked to be carried out of the psychological low point, I have found myself moving effortlessly and spontaneously in to a new direction. With absolute faith and ZERO FEAR about the journey ahead to re-build

Over the coming months, I’ll be launching a brand new trading course, re-launching my favourite 2-day event, the M.A.D Millionaire Intensive, as well as my very first course on effective philanthropy which takes lessons learned from over £250,000 of personal funds given away (most of it borrowed and most of it with limited impact.. I might call it “How NOT to Give Money Away!)

It starts on August 13th, with the official release of a trading strategy that I have developed for novice or unprofitable traders... No fancy bullshit here. Just an overview of the 30+ trades I’ve taken over the last 90-days and an explanation of how 96%+ have been winners

Maybe you haven’t found “your thing” yet but if the idea of building real, lasting and redistributable wealth resonates with you, I’d love to share this 2-hours per week strategy with you... Because it’s what I do best... register at

Having arrived at a place where I’ve made peace with the person I really am (a world-class financial trader who has an insatiable appetite for doing good shit), I look back on the last 16 years having learned three really important things;

One: Going full circle doesn’t mean you haven’t been anywhere; it means you returned to the place that you belong with a whole lot more learning and experience that WILL be the very making of you and your legacy

Two: Without Bravery, your authenticity and congruence are wasted. You have to be brave to make the decisions that you may be unsure about but that your soul needs you; otherwise your income, impact and influence is truly diluted

Three: Experiment often. Fail fast. Pivot faster. Then take everything you know and apply it to the Mastery of what you LOVE. Fuck what everyone else is doing or saying and take your shit out to the world; authentically, bravely and congruently. True success is not about being better than anyone else, it is about being CONSISTENTLY better than you used to be

Think about defining your Driving Value, Guiding Principle and Dharmic Mission

Remember that success is not pushing rocks up a hill but the spontaneous and effortless fulfilment of desire

Make decisions from your heart, with total faith

Execute from your mind, with relentless consistency

Most of all, experiment like crazy and embrace mediocrity until you find the thing that you’re able to master magically… 

That’s when everything you’ve learned will come together in one harmonious symphony and you’ll find it easy to be consistent at an order of magnitude that will be the making of you and your legacy…

Maybe, just maybe the M.A.D Millionaire Method on August 13th could just be the making of something super special between us...

Thank you with all my heart for being on this journey with me… 

I truly hope to be on your’s, by your side, holding your hand, for a long time to come as we work together on shifting the very consciousness of money back to it’s place as the most powerful force for good on the planet... 

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