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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Financial Fulfillment and the Edison Effect

When you day dream about being rich, what is it that you wish you could do more of, or less of?

Do you imagine being able to pay the best people to learn the best skills? (My number one pursuit!)

Do you crave the financial strength to make life-changing donations to those in need? (My second favourite pursuit!)

Do you love the idea of being able to experience the abundance of material pleasures available? (This was always my "guilty" pleasure, until I realised it doesn't have to be)

Or do you desire the security that abundant money supply can provide for you and your family? (Security has never been one of my ultimate desires and led to me getting IN and OUT of £107,000 consumer debt)

These (and other) day dreams are super powerful indicators of your current thinking about making, managing and multiplying money; they may propel you forward or hold you back and will ultimately determine your financial fulfilment

Total financial fulfilment is ALL about playing the INNER GAME;

When you have total financial fulfilment, you have an infinite supply of money pouring in to your life because you have an infinite faith in your ability to create it (money)

When you have total financial fulfilment, you will never fear not having enough because you understand Mindset, Methodologies and Mechanics of making, managing and multiplying money

One aspects of getting rich I teach on the M.A.D Money 365 program is the Power of Expectation when it comes to making more money, or indeed attracting full-spectrum wealth in to your life

The difference between rich and poor is directly correlated to the variance in levels of expectations between the rich and the poor

Those who remain poor have an inherent expectation of failure

I KNOW this is hard to believe when you are most likely taking ALL the ACTION you need to but here's how it works:

It's not just taking action that counts (which is why two people can do the same thing and achieve wildly different results)

Your EXPECTATION of success or failure determines the STRENGTH (or otherwise) of your ACTION which in turn determines the SCALE of your results

If you expect success in any pursuit, your action is super strong and even in the face of failure along the way, you remain confident of your success

This is what I have lovingly termed the Edison Effect; 10,000 attempts later, the electric light bulb was born! If he had not the EXPECTATION of success, it's almost guaranteed that he would have given up

Are you leveraging the Edison Effect?

If you don't TRULY expect success, your action is weak and in the face of failure, you give up

The process of wealth creation starts in Thought

Thought leads to Intention (consider Intention to be your Project Plan)

Intention drives Action (What you do)

Action is strengthened by Expectation (weak expection equals weak action)

Expectation creates Results (because strong expectation fuels you to be more and do more)

So many people I meet have an abundance of knowledge and experience but lack the skills required to play the INNER GAME of financial fulfilment

In the current world; this is seen when people give up too soon on courses they've bought or business venutures they are pursuing

If the results don't come immediately, they move on to the next thing... leaving behind them a litter of half-built houses

I understand why this is the case because most people buy the course, invest in a coach, hit the gym or try to "fix" their money, at a time when desperation has already kicked in

If that's you; that's ok. You start where you start and you can't start anywhere else

Your job now is to acquire the skills that will help you to play the Inner Game more effectively to become the master of your own expectation, so that you can be the master of your own financial fulfilment

This is the first key to your financial fulfilment; to recognise that being wealthy is not a privilege enjoyed by the few but a privilege enjoyed by the few who understand the power of their own expectation

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