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Cash Competence

If you've ever looked at your credit card bill at the end of a month and thought it resembled a financial train wreck there's a chance that you have what it takes to create an outstanding level of wealth

The skill you have that is so important for building wealth is the skill to unconsciously manage your money; sure, it seems that perhaps you're managing it down rather than managing it up but you KNOW that the underlying talent for managing money is ready and waiting to be spun 180 degrees to face the opposite direction

It's likely that the only reason you haven't tried anything different is because perhaps you don't really know anything different or even that you're trying to figure out the Make-Manage-Multiply landscape without the necessary paradigms, processes or peers to keep you on track

In taking control of your money, you might consider which of the four stages of Cash Competence you are at (credit to the Four Stages of Consciousness model)

Stage 1: Unconscious Cash Incompetance

At this stage, you have the reckless abandon of a child who isn't aware that writing a cheque actually costs money, or that credit card bills need to be paid off one day. You are oblivious to the long term damage being caused by every overspent, unsaved or uninvested penny to your financial freedom and fulfilment. Many people remain in this stage because they simply don't have the imperative to learn something different

Stage 2: Conscious Cash Incompetence

This is when you wake up and smell your daily £4 cappuccino... At the stage of Conscious Cash Incomptence, you understand the gap between where you are and where you need to be. The most powerful thing about this stage is that your mistakes are critical in helping to highlight the consciousness gap. At this stage, you expose yourself to NEW PARADIGMS

Stage 3: Conscious Cash Competence

Now you understand the new paradigms AND are able to consciously work on maintaining NEW PROCESSES in how you make, manage and multiply money. You dig in and work hard to create new habits; concentrating on every step, you start to see results from your efforts. It's not easy but you persevere

Stage 4: Unconscious Cash Competence

New paradigms and new processes result in new habits being installed permanently. No longer are you having to concentrate hard on every spending/saving/investing decision but can make decisions that are optimal for your long term financial fulfilment. At this stage, you may also be able, willing and prepared to share your knowledge with others so that they too can make more money, manage it more effectively and multiply money more frequently.

Your Journey

Your journey though the stages of cash consciousness is unrelated to how much you earn, save or invest. Yes, your net worth and your monthly positive cash flow both increase as you adopt new paradigms, implement new processes and naturally surround yourself with new peers. But it's not just about the numbers. Money gives you so much more than just a satisfaction in numbers

Some of the biggest earners on the planet are stuck in Unconscious Cash Incompetence and some of the wealthiest people on the planet have made it to Unconscious Cash Competence but remain utterly miserable.

When you hit the stage of Unconscious Cash Competence, you are HAPPY with life; not because you have MORE MONEY but because you have MORE CHOICES and are able to FULLY EMBRACE the material and spiritual experiences that being financially fulfilled brings. You stop holding back. You stop punishing yourself for financial misdemeanour. You stop making sacrifices "just in case" and you stop "saving for a rainy day"

And it's not just what Unconscious Cash Competence can do for you but what it can do for your role as a global ambassador of money as a real force for good in the world

You start giving more. You start making more of an impact on issues that are important to you. Your life begins to mean something more than just working hard, paying bills and trying to stay afloat as the money you now have begins to shape your material experience and your philanthropic legacy

That's certainly been my experience and I hope with all my heart that it can be your's too

To make this happen for you, and to achieve my lifetime goal of creating 10,000 M.A.D Millionaires, millionaires who Make A Difference, I am committed to sharing everything I know about the Mindset, Method and Mechanics of Making, Managing and Multiplying Money

If you recognised yourself in one of the stages above, I'd love to hear back from you.. just hit reply and send me a mail; I'll be sure to reply personally

In the meantime, here's raising a £4 latte to YOUR lasting legacy! Maybe one day, we'll share a coffee in person...

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