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  • Dillon Dhanecha

Building Wealth: Take Risks, Be Resourceful, Play the Zero’s

Updated: May 8, 2019

“Dill. There’s no shortcut to making your first million. Making money is all about taking risks, being resourceful and playing the zero’s game. Until you get that, you’ll always stay poor.”

These were the words I heard a decade ago, back in 2008 during a period of 12 months spent in the company of one of the most risk-embracing, resourceful and tenacious entrepreneurs I’ve ever met

His story was every bit worthy of being written up in an Amazon bestseller, displayed on a Facebook ad campaign or shared on a £15k mentorship program

But it wasn’t the usual ra-ra rhetoric that we’ve become accustomed to having shovelled in to our psyches over the last few years

There was no “breakthrough”

There was no “a-ha moment”

There was no “big why”

And there certainly was no turning his “passion in to profit”

There was absolute “relentlessness”

There was commitment to “process”

There was deep “imperative”

And there was a lot of risk taking, resourcefulness and playing the zeros

Just the qualities needed to sculpt excellent traders

He was indeed a trader to the core; at the front line of deal-making rather than in the relative comfort of my current beach side trading terminal!

Months before arriving on the southern beaches of Portugal, he had been at the heights of his trading career in Kenya; playing arbitrage between government officials and pharmaceuticals but negotiations broke down quite dramatically in the early 1990’s as the political climate changed, leaving him quite literally running for his life

A proud man, he would never ask for help; instead choosing always to offer assistance and give favours rather than accept them (hence my time with him)

Arriving in Portugal was not the first time he’d had to start again but it was the first time in a new country, with a new language, with no connections or capital

But start again he did; using all that he had... an inclination to take the necessary risks, a desperate need to be resourceful and the knowledge that every fortune ever built was the result of playing the zero’s game

His first financial goal, to buy dinner that night, was to be achieved with a few escudos; the pre-Euro currency of Portugal

With nothing to sell and no financial capital to get started with, he knew that his labour, his word and his tenacity were all that he had to offer

And here is exactly where the journey to his eventual business empire began

Sitting on the beach figuring out his next step, he saw a young guy walking 200m one way and then back again, selling beach paraphernalia; inflatables, buckets, spades, tanning cream, towels and the like...

The guy was loaded up and weighed down with all the stock he had draped around his shoulders, hanging off his arms and secured around his neck

And so, risking rejection or worse, he entered this guys hard-fought territory and proceeded to make the trade that would buy him dinner that night

He agreed to take half the stock and walk 200m in the other direction, always remaining in sight and handing over the cash from sales every hour, less an agreed commission

Fast forward to 2008, when I moved in to his Lisbon apartment and he had built a (just) 7-figure company in the automotive sector, had multiple properties and engaged heavily in philanthropic activity

He also managed to fund a 10,000€ per month private medical bill (that would keep him alive for years after his first round of chemo)

Before he died on May 21st 2010, I had the ultimate privilege of spending 12-months with someone who built his wealth in the way that ALL WEALTHY PEOPLE do:

> He started at the BEGINNING (my mistake was wanting to start from somewhere else)

> He took the right sized STEPS (my mistake was trying to take unskilled giant leaps)

> He took them (mostly) the right DIRECTION (my mistake was having no clear direction)

> And above all, he took them over TIME (my mistake was not playing the long game)

As he told me in no uncertain terms, the current financial position you find yourself in is the culmination of financial misdemeanour that has taken place over a number of years my friend; it may not take as long to climb back out of the hole but it will definitely take longer than the books tell you it will

What I hear in this bubble called the “financial freedom industry” is absolutely ludicrous

> Uncertified coaches with zero experience making plans to generate £1m profit in less than a year, which is £80,000+ PER MONTH from a standing start

> Brand new traders expecting to double their money every 8 weeks using automated bots, without any mastery of the markets

> Crypto-crazies who expected the 2% per day growth to continue forever, without any idea of actually what fear and greed is driving the surge

> Newly educated property investors sitting in Starbucks talking about building £1m portfolios in less time than it takes to make a coconut cappuccino

> Affiliate marketers who actually believe they can make their fortunes by next week selling other people’s trash to the Twitterati masses

And all because the industry programs them that way

Intellectually, we all KNOW that it’s all marketing hyperbole

BUT emotionally, these messages of fast-fortunes sing to the very part of us that got us in the financial shit in the first place; the part of us that doesn’t want to wait and the part of us that wants to BELIEVE the wealth tap can be turned on just as easily as getting the next fix by hitting “Skip Intro” on a Netflix box set

FAST PROFITS are possible but FAST FORTUNES take time

“Making money is about taking risks, being resourceful and playing the zero’s game, until you get that, you will always remain poor”

First you make £1.00

Then you make £10.00

Next you make £100

It takes a while to get to your first £1000

But the journey to £10,000 is relatively easy after that

Making £100,000 does not take 10 times as long

But getting to £1,000,000 needs you to think differently

£10,000,000 is a place that very few will ever get to. And I can’t tell you about that because I’m not there yet

> Take risks (because that’s the only way to get real rewards)

> Be resourceful (because that’s how you make the most of what you have)

> Play the zero’s game (because by definition, this forces you to play the long game)

It’s that simple

Until next time, remember, it’s not ALL ABOUT THE MONEY but ALL ABOUT the M.A.D MONEY...

Be blessed,



This Monday at 8pm I’ll share a REAL plan to get you to £1,000,000

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You’ll need £2k minimum to start

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And you’ll need 4-weeks to learn the tactics plus 1-2 hours each week to execute

I know. Beginning to sound sexy again :-)

Resourcefulness, Risk Taking and Playing the Zeros

That’s the true secret to real, lasting and re-distributable wealth

Not ready-made systems and risk-free fortune makers

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If you’re not, that’s cool too. Just stay off the financial freedom Kool-Aid until you are...


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